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Security alarm system GSM

security signal system gsm On the given resource the detailed description and the complete set of the documentation for manufacturing the simple security alarm system on the basis of a mobile phone.

Alarm system GSM under force to make to the radio fan of average qualification.

alarm system GSM In a basis of the GSM-signal system - the so-called GSM-module. Actually it is the same mobile phone, but without the case, the screen and keys. Instead of them to a payment with microcircuits sockets for connection of gauges fasten. Such modules deliver many leading companies - manufacturers of cellular telephones, for example Motorola and Siemens.

There are many dear industrial systems inaccessible to the mass consumer. Descriptions in the literature of devices, suitable for recurrence by radio fans, in particular unexperienced, practically are not present. Known under descriptions in the various literature of the scheme are functional, but difficult because of the use of in current the use element not base, presence of the microcontrollers requiring programming, use as transmitters of mobiles phone of the certain marks.

Traditional systems of the security signal system any more do not meet modern requirements of a safety. To the middle 1990 in weights all to get there was more widely a cellular communication.

Manufacturers of security systems, basically autosignal systems, sensitive to technological changes, practically at once have undertaken release of the devices which are based cellular technologies, first of all on digital standard GSM. The first industrial samples of such systems have entered into a turn per 1996.

Plus of similar systems that the owner always knows that occurs to its dwelling or the car, whether is it in other city or even abroad. Use of voice channel GSM provides greater efficiency and reliability and allows to carry out among other things listening of a premise or interior of the car.

Cost of installation of the GSM-signal system (value its intellectuality and a zone of application have) on the average makes $1000 - 2000, but there are also samples in cost of the order $500. The user's payment can vary from $100 up to 1500 in a year depending on a spectrum of given services.

The offered device of the gsm-signal system under force to make to the radio fan of average qualification, it does not contain scarce details (it is executed all on 4 microcircuits of series KMOP, 6 transistors and 3 microcircuit stabilizers), it is simple in adjustment and can work together with any mobile phone. There are printed-circuit-boards of the device. Besides the necessary attention is given to reserve power supplies that is very important, especially in a countryside.

The signalling device is convenient in protection as premises, and the car.

Security alarm system GSM

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